MRPR #22    Spring 2020

Welcome to the 22st online edition of Muddy River Poetry Review. For this edition I received some 300+ submissions which meant I needed to read about 1,000 poems! That’s a lot of pleasurable time-consuming reading. In the end I selected poems from sixty-five talented poets. One poem was selected from some poets, two poems from others, while some poets had three selected. The number of poems attributed to poets is really irrelevant. I am an eclectic editor so I pick whatever grabs me. Non-selection or rejection does not reflect a poet’s talent. Moreover a rejection does not mean that the poet or the poem is not good because another magazine, either hardcopy or online might accept a poem I reject just as I accept poems that have not been selected elsewhere.

However, I want to point out that not following guidelines is certain to earn a rejection. I understand that not everyone can email 14 pt Times New Roman or single space their copy, But sending attachments is not acceptable and results in an automatic rejection. All copy must be pasted into the body of an email. Sending a bio is helpful. One need not provide a long list of credits, a few suffice because readers like to know a bit about the poet. And previously published material is also not acceptable. Finally, when poems are accepted I request a short statement from a list of items I include with the acceptance. It must be answered in full, because not answering or only partially answering will result in the accepted work being deleted.

This edition features six wonderful poets. Eileen R. Tabios is one of my personal favorites, internationally renowned for her work, including her invention of hay (na) ku, a poetic form I find particularly enjoyable both writing it myself or reading others. Eileen’s work is much sought after and I am always honored to publish her work.

Jennifer Barber, previous editor of Salamander, is an award-winning poet whose work is widely published. Taylor Graham is one of the best poets writing about nature including keen observations of the northern California woodlands. Timothy Gager is another of my favorite poets and flash fiction writers. His writing often inspires my own work and it is a pleasure to have him as one of the features. Finally, or as the old saying goes, “Last but not least,” is DeWitt Henry a founder of Ploughshares. And once again the wonderful poetry of Marge Piercy is featured.

As always, our mission is to publish quality, accessible, diverse poetry, from the poets we choose. In this issue the diversity is represented by 40 females and 25 males. Countries represented in this issue include India, South Africa, Canada, Wales, England, Israel, Peru and one poet who travels Latin America writing poetry. Also be sure to check out Megan Hemenway’s poem. She is a freshman at Endicott College in Beverly, MA.

So pull up a comfortable chair, sit back and enjoy poetry from the wonderful poets in this issue.


Zvi A. Sesling, Editor

Issue #22