MRPR #18     Spring 2018

Here is the 2018 Spring Issue, packed with fine poets and their wonderful poetry.

Included are some of my favorites: Marge Piercy whose personal poetry is extremely moving, Doug Holder, who insightfully reminisces about his meeting with the great Allen Ginsberg and Robert K. Johnson who laments for his deceased sister. Also one of the better nature poets, Taylor Graham whose work with rescue dogs in the Sierra Nevada makes her poetry special.

In this issue there are forty-one poets, 27 of whom appear here for the first time, allowing the showcasing of new talent. A few of the poets who are back in addition to the ones mentioned above are Steve Klepetar and Anca Vlasopolos both of whom have appeared in Muddy River Poetry Review previously and are welcome back with new poems.

A bit about our features: Patricia Gomes is Poet Laureate of New Bedford, MA. A truly interesting poet, Ms. Gomes is also a writer of horror and a sci-fi poetry author. She can pun with the best of them. However, clearly she is our feature for her poetry which is accessible, deep and enjoyable, as you will see when you read her contributions to this issue.

Ben Berman has made a splash in the Boston area with two published books of poetry and invitations to read at various venues. His offerings in the Spring Issue are five prose poems. Like all of the features, his books are worth purchasing and are sure to be enjoyable.

Jan Schreiber edited Canto Magazine in its heyday. He was the second Poet Laureate of Brookline, MA and teaches at universities and workshops. Jan’s interesting poetry about people and nature is insightful and compassionate.

Julia Carlson writes personal poetry. She writes in English and French and one of her poems in this issue is bi-lingual allowing readers to absorb how a poem in English translates to another language. Julia is a member of the legendary Somerville Bagel Bards. You are sure to enjoy her work.

So the poets I have mentioned as well the others in this issue will provide you with hours of great poetry, which leads me again to invite you to relax in a comfortable chair and take in the poets who present their considerable talents for your contemplation and enjoyment. Once again you will have the opportunity to read those previously published in this magazine and others who are new to our Muddy River Poetry Review family.


Zvi A. Sesling


Issue #18

Jan Schreiber (Feature)
Patricia Gomes (Feature)
Julia Carlson (Feature)
Ben Berman (Feature)