MRPR #21    Fall 2019

Welcome to the 21st online edition of Muddy River Poetry Review. Over the years MRPR has featured a number of nationally and internationally known poets including Eileen R. Tabios, Alicia Ostriker, A.D. Winans, Afaa Michael Weaver, Marge Piercy, the late Sam Cornish and Rick Lupert. Boston area poets who have appeared in MRPR and have national and international recognition include Doug Holder, Gloria Mindock, Dennis Daly, Deborah Leipziger, Cindy Hochman and the late Janice Rebibo.

In this edition we are trying something different. Cindy Hochman is back as a feature with four new poems. A new feature is Bob Heman. However, Cindy and Bob do collaborative poems so they will also be a joint feature with some of their great efforts.

Other features include some of my favorites Anne Elezabeth Pluto, a founder and editor of Nixes Mate Review and Eric Greinke who along with his wife Roseanne Ritzema is one of the publishers of PRESA Press. Two other fine poets featured in this edition are Nina Rubinstein Alonso, publisher of Constellations and Renuka Raghavan whose reputation as a poet and short story writer continues to grow.

As always, our mission is to publish quality, accessible, diverse poetry, from the poets we choose. In this issue they are quite diverse with 31 females and 29 males. There is also Jennifer Wang, a high school student who is publishing for the first time anywhere. You will also get to meet Darren Black, also publishing for the first time anywhere. In total 33 of the 60 poets make their first appearance in the Muddy River Poetry Review but have been previously published elsewhere.

Finally, we receive queries about what one must do to be published in the MRPR. The answer is simple: (1) A poet can read criteria online in Duotrope or (2) the guidelines on the magazine’s homepage, If guidelines are ignored the submission is rejected. Following guidelines vastly improves chances of acceptance.

So pull up a comfortable chair, sit back and enjoy poetry from the wonderful poets in this issue.


Zvi A. Sesling, Editor

Issue #21

Anne Elezabeth Pluto – Feature

Eric Greinke  – Feature

Bob Heman & Cindy Hochman  – Feature 

Renuka Ragahavan  – Feature 

Cindy Hochman  – Feature 

Bob Heman  – Feature