MRPR #20     Spring 2019

Welcome to the 20th online edition of Muddy River Poetry Review.. Over the years MRPR has featured a number of internationally and nationally known poets including Eileen R. Tabios, Alicia Ostriker, A.D. Winans, Afaa Michael Weaver, Marge Piercy Sam Cornish and Rick Lupert. Boston area poets who have appeared in MRPR and have national and international recognition include Doug Holder, Gloria Mindock, Dennis Daly, Deborah Leipziger, Janice Rebibo and Cindy Hochman, who lives in New York and publishes First Literary Review - East.

Many poets from around the United States and as far away as Israel, India, New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, Scotland and Wales have had their poetry in this magazine. Our mission is to publish quality, accessible poetry, and be diverse in the poetry and poets we choose.

Unfortunately five poets who have previously appeared in the magazine subsequently died. Sadly we remember them: Sam Cornish, Janice Rebibo, Philip Burnham, Joseph Cohen and Michael Amado. Sam was the city of Boston’s first Poet Laureate. Janice was the recipient of the Israel President’s Poetry Prize. Joseph Cohen was 100 years of age when he published his last book and Philip Burnham was active in poetry up until his death. Michael Amado was the founder of Poetry: The Art of Words, his legacy to poetry and which Jack Scully continues to present monthly in Plymouth, MA.

I am honored to have published Neil Silberblatt, founder and ongoing host of Voices of Poetry which can be accessed on social media. Neil has battled cancer for a number of years all the while giving much courage to others through his Voices of Poetry venue.

Sometimes an editor makes suggestions which are helpful and if the poet feels it will enhance his or her poem then by all means utilize the ideas proffered. Other times editors try to re-write a poet’s work and these changes should be rejected. Never make changes just to get published. Always remember a poem is the creation of the poet, not an editor’s version.

I am often asked what it takes to be published in the Muddy River Poetry Review. There are two answers to that question: (1) A poet can read my criteria online in Duotrope. (2) I have written my guidelines on the magazine’s homepage, muddyriverpoetryreview which can be accessed by typing that into Google, clicking on Homepage and then Guidelines.

I adhere to the reading periods. Any submissions outside those periods are deleted, often without comment. However, I truly enjoy hearing from all poets from various parts of the world. I read all the poetry I receive.

So pull up a comfortable chair, sit back and enjoy the poetry from the wonderful poets in this issue.


Zvi A. Sesling, Editor

Issue #20

Deborah Leipziger – Feature
Tom Daley – Feature
Michael Steffen  – Feature

Michael Ansara  – Feature